What is the CFR-1 and how do I order it?

CFR-1 «Certificate of tax residence» is a certificate, i.e. a certificate of residence, which officially confirms the existence of a tax relationship between a natural person / individual entrepreneur / legal person and the Polish state.

This certificate is necessary to avoid double taxation (in your country and in the country of actual residence, in our case in Poland).

Obtaining a tax residency certificate.

You can get the certificate in 2 ways:

1. Report in person to the Tax Office at your place of registration or at the place of company registration, complete the application and pay PLN 17 at the tax office.

The application can be completed at the tax office or prepared in advance. The application form is called «Wniosek o wydanie zaświadczenia o miejscu siedziby lub urzędu dla celów podatkowych» («Certificate of Residence») - CFR-1.

Please note that if you paid for your CFR-1 via a banking app, you must submit a payment receipt and have it with you on paper.

2. Sending the application by post.

You should complete the «Wniosek o wydanie zaświadczenia o miejscu siedziby lub urzędu dla celów podatkowych» («residence certificate») - CFR-1, pay PLN 17 to the tax account number (account numbers can be found on the website of your tax office), attach confirmation of the payment and send by post to the address of the tax office (you can also find the address of the tax office on the website).

Then, within 7-14 days, the tax office will prepare the residence certificate for you, and then, depending on the form of receipt of the document you choose (you can choose personal collection, collection by an authorized person, collection by post) it will be delivered to you.

The received certificate should be handed over to the client.