Accountant consultations

Do you have questions related to the current activities of your company in Poland, accounting and HR records?
Our extensive experience in the field of accounting will help you to solve complex problems related to the accounting of your company.

All consultations take place on the day the consultation is created during business hours. We will help you as soon as possible!

Text consultation packages


Package 5 consultations
The package is valid for
2 months

99.99 zł.


Package 15 consultations
The package is valid for
3 months

199.99 zł.


Package 25 consultations
The package is valid for
4 months

249.99 zł.


Package single consultation
The package is valid for
10 days

49.99 zł.

Special offer - LIVE Consultation

For clients who need an accounting consultation RIGHT NOW, we have prepared a special offer - LIVE-Consultation.
Need accounting advice right now? Order the LIVE Consultation service and we will contact you within 10 minutes and help you.


Video / audio consultation with an individual specialist.

We will contact you within 10 minutes

149.99 zł.

How it works

How Text Consultation Works

  1. To get started, You buy a text mode consultation package.
  2. After package purchasing you can create a new consultation in text form with file sharing.
  3. After creating a text mode consultation, our specialists will instantly see it and prepare a response.
  4. As part of an open text consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask additional questions or complete the consultation.
  5. After completing the text mode consultation, you will have the opportunity to rate the quality of the service.

How a Single LIVE Consultation works

  1. Please fill in the contact form, when purchasing a Single LIVE Consultation.
  2. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the payment page.
  3. After your payment has been processed, you will receive an email confirming your successful payment.
  4. Our specialist will contact you with the chosen method of communication within 10 minutes.

Use the service with your employees

You can use all the services you subscribe to together with your employees.
You need to add users in one easy step in the section My company.

We do not provide tax advisory services.